Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Unmentionable not mentioned

How could I have forgotten Unmentionable!  I added it to a post a few weeks ago, but it failed to save, and I said to myself, "that's ok, I'll remember to add it on the next post."  But I forgot!  I have updated the table to reflect one additional nonfiction-print-by-female-author.

Unmentionable: The Victorian lady's guide to sex, marriage, and manners by Therese Oneill.  I was going to link to the original review I read, which I cannot now seem to locate.  The reviewer referred to the narrator as something like a barmaid-type personage familiar with all levels of Victoria society.  The narrator character's omniscience was actually a down point for me: she knew everything about both this historical and present day periods, becoming instantly not believable.  The narration was also rather repetitive in places, at the expense of exploring more topics with more depth.

Still, a good, informative, funny book, certainly 4 out of 5 stars.

Now, for 2017:

Red Dwarf, series XI, with Chris Barrie and Craig Charles.  We watched this all the way through on New Year's Day, and we will continue to watch it one or two episodes at a time until, like all the other series, we can recite it forwards, backwards, and sideways.  We're mostly done with a second run-through by now, and are picking up on asides and such which were missed the first time through.

The consensus among the household is that series XI is very good, funny, witty, but not quite as good as series X.  All of the episodes include one or more outside characters.  While characters beyond the core four aren't bad as such, the story lines and writing are at their best when it's four people trying to survive in space, trying to devise more ingenious ways of wasting time and maybe trying to get home sometimes.  Episodes-- and seasons-- that are carried by the characters and their personalities are stronger.  Looking forward to XII.

NPR laughter therapy: A comedy collection for the chronically serious by NPR.  (NF, but a duplicate number.)  I guess NPR just isn't really my thing.  I've listened a few times on the radio.  Does this mean I'm not cerebral, or just not pretentious?

Some of the comedians interviewed were funny, but none of them are people I seek out.  Just something to listen to at the Y, I guess.

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