Thursday, May 22, 2008

Part 3.

Miki Falls: Book 1: Spring, by Mark Crilley. What happened in the beginning of the book has not yet been explained; I don't like it when people try to force me to read a series. The story was interesting, though.

Avalon High: Coronation: Volume 1: The Merlin Prophecy, by Meg Cabot; illustrated by Jinky Coronado. This is more in the graphic novel area (I was going for manga, as I'm trying to develop a program on that). One of the things I don't like about graphic novels is that I feel they move so slowly. They (or at least the one's I've read) tend to be either cutesy cartoony or bloody, neither of which I enjoy. I know the illustrator works really hard, but the pictures don't ever seem to add enough of the story that I'm ok with the lack of text.

Extreme Teens: Library Services to Nontraditional Young Adults, by Sheila B. Anderson. This is a good book for people who don't have a lot of experience with teens, or with nontraditional teens. This book outlines (mostly alot of common sense ideas) for collection development and programming for nontraditional youth: teens who are incarcerated, homeless, pregnant or parents, homeschooled, dual enrolled, drop outs, emancipated, or GLBTQ. Watch for a review in the summer Slissard Line.

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