Monday, October 12, 2009

My brain needs to gargle.

(redacted; please see post.) Fire in the East, by Harry Sidebottom. I'm quitting this book at pg. 31, even though it is very well-written. I recently ordered this for my library, and it looked very interesting. I still think it looks interesting. I just can't get in to it right now for some reason. There is a lot more historical detail than in Downie's books, and I would usually find it all very interesting. Alas, my brain is dead. So if you or your readers like accurate, detailed historical fiction, give it a go, eh?


Ms. Yingling said...

I love your reviews!!! Twee is the worst thing to happen in young adult or children's book, especially when characters are so twee as to be sick making. Thanks for telling it like it is! (Or should I just say 'kickin' reviews'"?

sarah said...

Thanks, Ms. Yingling. Although I hate things that are twee, I do love the word-- it does such a good job of sounding like what it is.