Tuesday, June 20, 2017


The un-discovered islands: An archipelago of myths and mysteries, phantoms and fakes by Malachy Tallack.  I was very interested in this NetGalley grab but the file has some serious flaws that make it unreadable.  The few sentences I can make out seem well-written, easy to follow, and have nice sentence style and vocabulary variety.  However, the paragraphs and even parts of sentences are all jumbled up.  The first couple pages seemed ok, something I could skip back and forth and figure out, but then: "wheN MAOri peOple first passengers in those canoes were the ancestors of began to communicate with Europeans today's Ma_ori. in the eighteenth century, they insisted that New The problem with this story is that it wasn't Zealand was not their original home."  This seems like a pretty major error.  Whereas before I would have read the description and probably purchased the book, I'm not leery of whatever might be going on with this publisher and whatever else they might put out.  (OK, so Macmillan is a pretty big name, but what's this Picador imprint and why can't they get their smeg together?)

Also, the author tosses off locations (seas, islands, etc.) without mentioning where they are-- I'm looking for [sea], [hundred] miles north of [more widely known landmark] sort of thing.

The beachhead by Christopher Mari.  If you're writing a post-apocalyptic novel, great; market it as such.  If you're writing a Post Apocalyptic novel, also good, there are plenty of readers interested in that.  But a word of advice: if you're writing a Post Apocalyptic novel, don't market it as a post-apocalyptic novel.  That's two completely different camps of readers.  I'm sure there are readers who are going to be into this.  I'm not one of them, and now I'm mad that the author tried to swindle me.  Boo.

Bad feminist: essays by Roxane Gay.  I saw this author's TED talk and then later came across this collection by the same title.  I found the essays to be interesting, but terribly engaging; more of them are about Scrabble (r) and her students than about identity and feminism.  Didn't make it quite halfway through, cannot motivate myself to complete.

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