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Q-1 recount

This has been an interesting exercise so far.  It has been easy to see which areas I read more widely on my own, which areas are thin on the shelves at our small-town library, and what I wasn't really thinking about when I made this list.  (An author born in Asia, one born in China, and one born in India?  I wasn't paying attention there.  I guess that's the result of trying to quickly conglomerate 3+ separate lists.)

Anyway, I have gotten a little creative with some of the tasks but feel the assigned titles still capture the spirit of the challenge.  Here's what I've completed so far*:

Philosophy: We are all stardust [applicable if using the very broad description of "philosophy"]
Women in war: The Queen's accomplice
Science: The tale of the dueling neurosurgeons
An immigrant or refugee to the U.S.: A different pond
Someone's journey-- inner or outer: Someone to hold
Author born in a European country: Nation
Author born in India: The Bollywood affair
Author born in North America: Heat
Multiple authors: nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
Set in the Middle East: Pride of Baghdad
Based on mythology: The lost book of the grail [there was some discussion as to whether or not Holy Grail stories qualify as mythology or as religious history.  Arguments welcome.]
With pictures: Age of reptiles
With an unreliable narrator: Right behind you
Set in the wilderness: Woods runner
Involving travel: The space between the stars
Graphic novel written by a woman: The night bookmobile
Espionage thriller: Cold barrel zero
Work of post-apocalyptic fiction written by a woman: The book of Phoenix
Feminist sci-fi novel: Y negative [maybe my favorite category.  See additional notes below.]
First book in a series you've never read: Touched by an alien
Translated book: Beartown
Set in Antarctica: South Pole station
Book of letters; Sorcery and Cecelia
Audiobook: NPR laughter therapy
Children's book you didn't read as a child: Thunder Boy Jr.
Book that has less than 100 pages: Bound with love [book total is more than 100 pages, but the actual story runs from pages 5 to 102.]
Murder mystery written by a woman: The corpse with the diamond hand

Jeeves: Joy in the morning (any of these Wodehouse novels may turn out to be a "Classic literature written by a man;" I could go either way on that)
Jeeves and the feudal spirit 
If not for you (this might turn out to be a "Bestseller from a genre you don't normally read")
Stiff upper lip, Jeeves
A closed and common orbit

The category for feminist sci-fi novel was one I thought would be a bit onerous to complete (it sounded "academic-y" and I was anticipating a slog through gender studies) but I LOVED some of the descriptions and suggestions I found on a variety of webpages.  It was so the sorts of things I love to read anyway!  I love sci-fi because it looks as society from the outside, and gender inequality tends to be a major player anyway.

other feminist sci-fi novels on my list of possibilities:
The mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Kindred by Octavia Butler, Herland by Charlotte Gilman, Orlando by Virgina Woolf, Affinity by Sarah Waters, A crown for cold silver by Alex Marshall, All that outer space allows by Ian Sales, Sorcerer to the crown by Zen Cho, Bitch Planet volume 2 by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Hild by Nicolla Griffith, and Firebrand by Ankaret Wells.

*I reserve the right to reassign books to other tasks (Changing A different pond from "an immigrant or refugee to the U.S." to "Author born in Asia") depending on which other books I read throughout the year.

tl;dr: there are 70 boxes (71 books and 2 movies).  I have checked off 27 boxes (38.6%).  A completion rate of 25% per quarter would be 17 and a half books every three months.  I may not be able to quite keep up this pace, since these were largely "fun" ones that I didn't have to stretch too far or go too much out my way for.  But heavy completion in first quarter at leat gives me some breathing room if I have trouble coming up with titles for the remaining to-do's.

Still to read:
Non-Western history
An Indigenous culture
Japanese philosophy
Current events
Your favorite hobby
A difficult topic
Written by a woman under 25
Author born in an African country
Author born in Asia
Author born in China
Author born in Australia/Oceania
Author born in South America
Written by or about a person who has a disability
Read a book before you see the movie
A book that's mentioned in another book
From a genre/subgenre you've never heard of
Recommended by an author you love
That's been on your TBR list too long
From a nonhuman perspective
Classic literature written by a man
Classic literature written by a woman
Fiction set during wartime
Children's book aloud
Memoir by someone who identifies as LGBTQIA
Contemporary collection of poetry
Book by a modernist woman writer
Collection of comics
Science fiction book written by a man
Classic you have always wanted to read
Book written over a century ago, then read a retelling of the book
Graphic novel that's a retelling of a classic book
Book that was adapted to film.  Watch the film, then compare and contract it with the book.
Auto/biography of a man, written by a man
Auto/biography of a woman, written by a woman
Book by a female author that deals with a serious topic
Murder mystery written by a man
Bestseller from 2016
Bestseller from a genre you don't normally read
Reread your favorite book from your childhood.

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