Sunday, July 02, 2017

Q-2 recount

Boxes checked off this quarter:

A difficult topic: Boy
Author born in an African Country: Wife of the gods
Author born in Asia: A rising man
Author born in China: Little white duck [Was it cheap of me to use graphic novels and children's material to check off some of my boxes?  No, I don't think so.]
By or about a person who has a disability: Wrinkles [main character has Alzheimer's]
That's been on your TBR list too long: Crosstalk  [I requested this on NetGalley well in advance of its fall 2016 pub date, making it on my list for more than a year.]
Fiction set during wartime: Eagle and empire [no one said it had to be a historically-accurate war story]
Children's book aloud: Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer [I was worried I would have to set up a contrived situation to check off this box, but this locally-written picture book came through on a rare occasion I was on check-in.  Another staffer shouted "read it to us!"  Couldn't have planned it better if I tried.]
Contemporary collection of poetry: You don't have to say you love me: A memoir [this has quite a bit of prose, too, but NetGalley filed it under poetry.  It's as close as I'm likely to get... and there really are a lot of poems.]
Book by a female author that deals with a serious topic: In our backyard: Human trafficking in America and what we can do to stop it
Murder mystery written by a man: The late show
Bestseller from a genre you don't normally read: If not for you [read this late in the first quarter, pre-pub.  It took a few months for the title to hit the NYT best sellers list.  Although I do read romance, I don't voluntarily read much contemporary, gentle, non-paranormal.  This (sub)genre is outside more normal choices.]

13th child, Across the Great Barrier, and The far west
Eggs, beans, and crumpets
Landscape with invisible hand  [I debated about including this as the "sci-fi written by a man" entry, since most reviewers would lump it in with sci-fi.  I stand firm, however.  Same applies to Killfile: if you look closely, it's more paranormal than sci-fi.]
A most extraordinary pursuit
A murder in time and A twist in time
On Her Majesty's frightfully secret service
Poison or protect 
Sex criminals vol.3
The wages of sin

57.1% complete!-- 40 down, 30 to go.  Some of them I just haven't gotten to (I'm pretty intrigued by the list of subgenres I wasn't familiar with) but some I'm a little nervous about (the books I like don't get made into movies, and I've read all the classics I care to: it's funny what you have access to when you work in libraries).  Taking suggestions for books on current events, (auto)biographies, and Japanese philosophy.

Still to read:
Non-Western history
An Indigenous culture
Japanese philosophy
Current events
Your favorite hobby
Written by a woman under 25
Author born in Australia/Oceania
Author born in South America
Read a book before you see the movie
A book that's mentioned in another book
From a genre/subgenre you've never heard of
Recommended by an author you love
From a nonhuman perspective
Classic literature written by a man
Classic literature written by a woman
Memoir by someone who identifies as LGBTQIA
Book by a modernist woman writer
Collection of comics
Science fiction book written by a man
Classic you have always wanted to read
Book written over a century ago, then read a retelling of the book
Graphic novel that's a retelling of a classic book
Book that was adapted to film.  Watch the film, then compare and contract it with the book.
Auto/biography of a man, written by a man
Auto/biography of a woman, written by a woman
Bestseller from 2016
Reread your favorite book from your childhood.

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